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010 Editor - Security Incident

Earlier 2023 we believe someone managed to access and copy the email addresses and names from our mailing list. Some users have reported receiving spam emails to these addresses towards the end of February. Currently we believe only the names and email addresses stored in the list were stolen, and no other customer information was accessed.

We used a 3rd party to store and send our mailing list and we believe someone accessed and copied the information from one of their servers. After attempting to contact this company multiple times, they have refused to respond or supply us with any information about the incident. As of this moment we have moved our mailing list to a more secure location. Our account with the mailing list company was cancelled and we have instructed them to delete all information from their servers.

We strongly value your privacy and we are angry that your customer data was accessed and frustrated with the mailing list company for not providing us with information about the incident. These last few weeks we have been working on setting up a mailing list system which is more secure and we will do our best to make sure this doesn't happen again.

This information is available on our website at:

and any further developments on this incident will be posted to this site. If you would like to blacklist the above email then you may sign up with a new email at our newsletter page:

We apologize for any spam you may have received. Thank you.

The SweetScape Software Team

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