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010 Memorizer - Memorize Numbers with Ease

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Do you have trouble remembering phone numbers, PINs, social insurance numbers, etc.? 010 Memorizer is a program designed to help you easily remember numbers. The basic idea is that it is easier to remember vivid images, like orange juice gushing out of a geyser, then a number like 39174306. Using 010 Memorizer, you can convert a number into a word or phrase that forms an image in your mind. The conversion between numbers and words is done by phonetics: certain consonant sounds represent certain numbers and vowels act as fillers. 010 Memorizer helps you with this conversion by listing all words that can be used to memorize a number, and you just have to pick a word or phrase that you find easy to remember.

Here are just a few of the different things you can use 010 Memorizer to remember: Phone numbers, social insurance/security numbers, zip codes, PINs, passwords, history (dates), chemistry (atomic numbers), biology, bible verse references, house numbers, times, credit card numbers, statistics, IP addresses, Pi, plus many more. Impress your friends by memorizing your phone numbers and throwing away your PDA! Use 010 Memorizer to memorize your numbers and you'll never forget them again!

The Phonetic System (Major System)

The Phonetic System is used to convert between numbers and words. This system is sometimes called the 'Major System' and was devised by Stanislaus Mink von Wennsshein in the seventeenth century. The system works on the different sounds you make when pronouncing a word: certain consonant sounds represent certain numbers and vowels act as fillers.

For example, let's say that you're trying to remember that there are usually 27 bones in an adult human hand. If you know that N represents 2 and K represents 7, then we can add the vowel I to get the word INK. Now every time you need to remember the number of bones in a hand, you can just remember INK and you will know that there are 27.

Now how did you know that N represents 2 and K represents 7? There is a list of simple rules that have to be memorized, but these rules only have to be memorized once and there is a helpful hint for each one. Take a minute to commit the following rules to memory:

0: s,z ("zero" starts with Z)
1: t,d (T has one downstroke)
2: n (N has two downstrokes)
3: m (M has three downstrokes)
4: r ("four" ends with R)
5: l (in Roman numerals, L = 50)
6: j,ch,sh, g (soft) (J reversed looks like a 6)
7: k,c,g (hard) (K can be drawn with two 7's)
8: f,v,ph (handwritten F looks like an 8)
9: p,b (P reversed looks like a 9)

The constants 'h' and 'w' do not appear in the list. These constants, as well as the vowels, can be used as fillers when making words. Remember that the sounds made when pronouncing a word is used, not the spelling of the word. For example, the word 'BRIDGE' represents the number '946' because the letters 'DG' make the 'j' sound when said aloud. Some letters can represent different numbers depending upon what word they are in. For example, the word 'GARAGE' represents the number '746' even though G represents two different numbers. Note that repeated letters are considered a single letter (i.e. the word 'BUTTER' represents the number 914).

If you have longer numbers, they can be remembered by putting multiple words together to form a phrase. For example, the number 9514 can be remembered by putting the words 'APPLE' and 'TREE' together.

Converting Numbers to Words

The process of converting between numbers and words can be done by hand if the numbers are small. However, if you need to remember larger numbers or a whole list of numbers, the process can be much more difficult. This is where 010 Memorizer can make your life easier.

010 Memorizer has an easy-to-use interface for converting between numbers and words. Using a phonetic dictionary, the program will list a set of words that match your number. 010 Memorizer helps you easily build phrases, starting from beginning, the end, or anywhere in the middle. You only have to look through the lists and pick out words that create a vivid picture in your mind. Just enter a number in the interface and click 'Go' to begin.

What to Memorize:

  • Phone Numbers
  • Credit Card Numbers
  • PINs
  • Passwords
  • Zip Codes
  • Atomic Numbers
  • Social Insurance Numbers
  • Dates
  • Bible References
  • IP Addresses
  • Pi
  • plus many more...

Making Associations

Once you have selected a word or phrase that represents your number, the last step is to make an association between the words you selected and what you are trying to remember. Do not pick regular, everyday associations. The more bizarre, illogical, crazy, unreasonable, absurd, far-fetched, or animated the association, the better you will remember it.

For example, if you are trying to remember that the number of bones in a hand is 27, convert the number 27 into the word INK. Now association INK with a hand: imagine breaking a pen and ink squirting all over your hands. Don't think of a little ink - thing of a RIVER of ink pouring onto your hands and spilling onto the floor, eventually covering the whole room. Action words like 'gushing' or 'exploding' usually work well as they create a vivid image in your mind.

For another example, if your PIN for a bank machine was 3246, you could remember the words MINER ASH. Now every time you go to the bank machine, remember a huge cloud of ash exploding out of a nearby mine, and covering you and the bank machine in a thick layer of soot.

If you go through the whole process of memorizing a number, but still can't remember your phrase, then go back and make the association even bigger, crazier, and more elaborate. This takes a little imagination and creativity, but can be a lot of fun.


  • Large phonetic dictionary
  • Customizable mapping algorithms
  • Customizable dictionary
  • Random phrases
  • Store lists of numbers to memorize
  • Build phrases from the front, back, or middle
  • Detailed help including tips

Screen Shots

Available screen shots:

- Memorizing a Date

- Example of memorizing Pi


010 Memorizer is available for download as a 1.00 MB self-extracting installer. It can be downloaded from the Download page or by clicking here:

The following platforms are supported: Windows 11/10/8/7/XP/2000/NT/98/Me. 010 Memorizer is currently free.

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