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KB2008: Can I receive the software on a CD?

A backup CD or USB Key of 010 Editor can now be purchased with your order. Three different options are available:

Backup CD in a white sleeve - add $9.99 US to your order
Backup CD in a DVD case - add $14.99 US to your order
Backup on an 8GB USB Key (Flash Drive) - add $16.99 US to your order

All prices include material costs and shipping to anywhere in the world. Note that you will still receive your license of 010 Editor by email immediately after your order so you can start using the software before you receive your CD or USB Key. The USB Key is writable so it can be used to store other files. Shipping usually takes about a week within the US and about two weeks outside the US; however, please allow up to 4 weeks before contacting us if you do not receive your CD or USB Key.

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