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KB2007: Am I a commercial user or a home/academic user?
If you are using 010 Editor in any money-making activity (e.g. working at a for-profit company) you are considered a commercial user. Also, you are considered a commercial user if you are working for any government or military organization. If you are using 010 Editor for your personal use at home (e.g. as a hobby) and are not making any money directly or indirectly through use of the software, you may purchase a home/academic license. Students and staff at academic institutes (e.g. universities, colleges, schools) may purchase a home/academic license as long as the software is not being used for any commercial purposes (e.g. researching patents which will be used for commercial purposes). If you work for a registered non-profit organization, you may also purchase a home/academic license. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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