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KB1032: How do I compare two Intel-Hex files?

When comparing two Intel-Hex files, you usually want to compare the data contained in the Intel-Hex files instead of comparing just the two text files. To compare the data in the files, first import the Intel-Hex files into 010 Editor using 'File > Import Hex...' or by dragging the files from Windows Explorer to 010 Editor. This will create two files in your interface (for example, if your Intel Hex file was 'IntelData1.hex' then you would get a binary file called 'IntelData1').

Now you can use the 010 Editor Compare tool to compare a file that is in memory but is not saved to disk yet. To do this, open the Compare dialog with Ctrl+M and in the 'File A' field enter the name of the file loaded in the interface (in this example it would be 'IntelData1' as shown below, not 'IntelData1.hex'). Press the Enter key to complete the comparison.

Clicking the down arrow to the right of the 'File A' field displays a list of all files that are open in 010 Editor plus a list of recently compared files. You may also select the name of the file to compare from this list.

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