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What's New in Version 5.0

010 Editor v5.0 has a number of new featuers including syntax highlighting for HTML, XML, and PHP. For example:

Syntax highlights can be added or customized using the 'Syntax' page of the Options dialog. Version 5.0 adds column mode for working with text data organized into columns:

A quick way to make a column selection is to hold down the Ctrl key while dragging the mouse. For the first time, 010 Editor is now available on Linux:

A new Format menu is now available which includes a number of options for formatting text including capitalization, tabify, commenting, and trimming:

The Toolbars and Editor Right-Click menu can now be customized using the Options dialog:

Plus much more. To download the latest version, please click the following link:

Version 5.0.2 - July 28th, 2014

  • Fixed problem writing to drives on Windows 7 and later versions. Windows now requires that all open file handles be closed before changes can be saved.
  • If all file handles are not closed when a drive is opened, a warning is displayed and the drive is marked as read-only (Windows only).
  • In the Open Drive dialog each physical drive shows a list of logical drives it contains (Windows only).
  • Added 010 Editor to Mac Finder 'Open With' right-click menu for most file types.
  • Changed Chinese Simplified encoding from GB2312 to GB18030 (GB18030 is a superset of GB2312).
  • Fixed using Printf/FPrintf and %s with strings more than 4096 characters long.
  • Fixed error message on some machines about regsvr32 in the Windows installer.
  • Fixed crash with sizeof operator on certain structs declared with a size attribute.
  • Fixed not being able to cancel a script after the RunTemplate function was called.
  • Fixed Find in Files was not properly releasing some file handles.
  • Functions InputNumber/InputFloat/InputString properly resize the dialog before it is displayed.
  • Fixed problem using Exec function on Linux and Mac with file names than contain spaces.
  • Using %f parameter in External Programs now auto-adds quotes for file names containing spaces.
  • Now show a warning when attempting to open Template Results hierarchies deeper than 31 levels.
  • Fixed 010 Editor unable to run on some Linux machines due to a Qt library issue.
  • Fixed crash on Mac with duplicate enums.

Version 5.0.1 - June 19th, 2014

  • Fixed Copy As Hex Text crash when the hex editor Line Width is set to Auto Width.
  • Fixed possible text corruption in Linux when deleting.
  • Fixed crash using SHA-512 on certain large files.
  • Fixed setting a shortcut key for a script starting with a lowercase letter.
  • Fixed possible crash with Allow Multiple Find Ranges and large files.
  • Fixed Hex Operation dialog becoming uneditable after first operation on the Mac.
  • Fixed crash with certain non-terminated strings in scripts or templates.
  • Fixed problems opening files larger than 4 GB on Linux.
  • Fixed clicking the upgrade link in the Register dialog when the licensee name contains certain non-ASCII characters.
  • Added instructions on running 010 Editor on Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit.

Version 5.0 - June 24th, 2013

The following is an overview of the new functionality in version 5.0 of 010 Editor:

  • Syntax highlighting for HTML, XML and PHP.
  • Customizable syntax highlighting.
  • Column mode (hold Ctrl while dragging the mouse to select columns).
  • Customizable toolbars and right-click menu.
  • Available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.
  • New format menu with options for Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalize, Tabify, Untabify, Comment Selection, Uncomment Selection, Increase Line Indent, Decrease Line Indent, and Trim Trailing Whitespace.
  • Show whitespace.
  • Better interface for customizing shortcut keys.
  • Added SHA-512 algorithm.
  • Added 16-bit half-float data type (hfloat).
  • Support for importing and exporting binary text.
  • 19 new functions for Scripts and Templates.

The following is a list of all new features in version 5.0 of 010 Editor:

  • Syntax Highlighting
    • Added syntax highlighting for HTML, XML and PHP.
    • New Syntax Highlights can be created or existing Highlights modified using the Syntax page of the Options dialog.
    • Support styles for Syntax Highlights so multiple rules can share a single color.
    • Edit styles using the Styles page of the Options dialog.
    • Easily modify the list of highlighted keywords for a Syntax Highlight.
    • Support multiple rule types including Multi-Line Block, Single-Line Comment, Keywords, Single-Line Block, C-Style String, Tag Name, and Tag Attribute.
    • Rules can be applied with Ignore Case for case insensitivity.
    • Support multi-line C-style strings with '\'.
    • Import or export the list of Syntax Highlights including styles using the Import List or Export List buttons.
    • Support sub-rules so that different types of syntax highlighting can be applied to the same file.
  • Column Mode
    • Support Column Mode for editing the columns of text or hex data.
    • Easily make a column selection with the mouse by holding down Ctrl while dragging.
    • Enter column mode using Alt+C or click the Column Mode icon in the Toolbar.
    • Make column selections and copy or paste them using the clipboard.
    • Make a column selection and start typing to insert text on each line at the same time.
    • Column selections supported in Hex mode as well.
    • Click and drag straight down to create a special column insert line.
    • When the clipboard contains just a single line of data, pasting the data with a column selection pastes the data on each line of the selection.
  • Linux Version
    • Added Linux version with installer.
    • Officially support Ubuntu 10.04 and later.
    • Available as a 32-bit program (can be installed on 64-bit OS as well).
    • Can load scripts and templates by double-clicking them in the Ubuntu File Manager.
    • Support Unix-style middle-click clipboard.
  • Toolbar Customization
    • Can customize Toolbars by using the Toolbars page of the Options dialog.
    • Access the Toolbars page by right-clicking on a Toolbar and selecting 'Customize...'.
    • Drag-and-drop actions to the Toolbar list to insert items into the Toolbars.
    • Insertion point marked with red line.
    • Drag icons out of the Toolbar list to delete items from the Toolbars.
    • Create, delete and rename custom Toolbars.
  • Menu Customization
    • Customize the Editor Right-Click menu using the Menus page of the Options dialog.
    • Can also access the Menus page by right-clicking on an Editor Window and choosing 'Customize...'.
    • Drag-and-drop actions from the Actions tree to the menu to insert actions.
    • A red line marks the action insertion point.
    • Drag items out of the menu to delete actions from the menu.
    • Add separators to the menu using the special Separator action.
    • Add sub-menus to the menu with the Submenu action.
    • Double-click on a sub-menu name to rename the sub-menu.
  • Format Menu
    • Added new Format menu for working with text data.
    • Can convert text to Uppercase, Lowercase, or Capitalize (e.g. APPLE, apple, Apple).
    • Converts spaces to tabs using Tabify or tabs to spaces using Untabify.
    • Can add or remove comments from the selection using Comment Selection and Uncomment Selection.
    • Commenting supports line comments (e.g. '//') and multi-line comments (e.g. '/*' and '*/') based off the current Syntax Highlighting scheme.
    • Format menu supports Increase Line Indent to add tabs or Decrease Line Indent to remove tabs (similar to using Tab or Shift+Tab in the editor).
    • Trim Trailing Whitespace removes any spaces or tabs from the end of each line.
    • Tabify, Untabify and Trim Trailing Whitespace operate on the whole file if no selection is made.
  • Show Whitespace
    • Use 'View > Tabs/Whitespace > Show Whitespace' or the icon in Toolbar to display whitespace.
    • Shows symbols in a text file where spaces and tabs exist.
    • The color of the symbols can be controlled in the Colors page of the Options dialog.
    • The Show Whitespace setting is remembered with the current File Interface.
  • Shortcut Keys
    • New, easier-to-use interface for changing Shortcut keys in the Options dialog.
    • Better support for Shortcut keys on the Mac.
    • Enter a Shortcut key by pressing the key on your keyboard instead of having to type out 'Ctrl+M'.
    • Use 'Help > View Shortcut List' or click the List Shortcuts button in the Options dialog to view a list of all shortcuts sorted by shortcut name.
    • The list of shortcuts shows any customized shortcuts as bold.
    • Allow multiple shortcut keys to be assigned to a single action.
    • Better interface for removing shortcut keys from actions.
    • Can see any conflicting actions when assigning shortcut keys.
  • New Functions
    • Converts a set of hex bytes to a double, float, or hfloat with ConvertBytesToDouble, ConvertBytesToFloat, or ConvertBytesToHFloat.
    • Support copying an array of hex bytes to or from the clipboard with CopyBytesToClipboard and GetClipboardBytes.
    • Save a portion of a file with the FileSaveRange function.
    • Access the custom clipboards with the GetClipboardIndex and SetClipboardIndex functions.
    • Access other properties of bookmarks with the GetBookmarkArraySize, GetBookmarkBackColor, GetBookmarkForeColor, GetBookmarkMoveWithCursor, and GetBookmarkType functions.
    • Added a radio button box input dialog using the function InputRadioButtonBox.
    • Ask the user for a directory with the InputDirectory function.
    • Can overwrite a block of bytes using the OverwriteBytes function.
    • Added ReadHFloat and WriteHFloat for working with half-floats.
    • Set environment variables within the working process with the SetEnv function.
  • Functions Updates
    • FileClose was improperly asking to save changes on a modified file.
    • GetClipboardString, CopyStringToClipboard, and ClearClipboard uses the current clipboard (see GetClipboardIndex and SetClipboardIndex).
    • CopyStringToClipboard has a charset parameter to inform the clipboard of the type of data being copied.
    • Can specify a custom polynomial or initial value with the Checksum functions.
    • Added an optional number of bytes to read to the ReadWString, ReadString, ReadLine, and ReadWLine functions.
    • FileNew has a new makeActive parameter to control if the created file is set as the active file.
    • Added an optional fill character to the InsertBytes function.
    • InputOpenFileName, InputOpenFileNames, and InputSaveFileName functions now use UTF-8 strings.
    • The Sleep function now refreshes the screen before long sleeps (more than 1000 milliseconds).
    • Added SHA512 algorithm to the checksum functions.
    • Added Binary Text format to the Import/Export functions.
    • TextGetNumLines now returns -1 if the current file is a hex file.
    • Update help that Strlen returns the number of bytes instead of the number of characters.
  • Templates/Scripts
    • Added 16-bit Half-float (hfloat) data type.
    • Automatically cast between hfloat, float and double data types.
    • Tooltips now properly use any custom <name=> functions.
  • General
    • Updated visual style of the interface and updated some icons.
    • Added new File Interfaces HTML, PHP, and XML.
    • When selecting more than one line in a text editor, the number of selected lines is now shown by default in the status bar.
    • Added SHA-512 hash algorithm.
    • Able to delete individual recent files or clear the list of recent files by right-clicking on the Recent Files list in the Workspace or the Startup page.
    • Added Goto button to the Goto Bar.
    • Added new File Interfaces to the New list.
    • Auto-detect XML files.
    • Added -readonlyall command line option to mark all files as read only.
    • Added 'Selection > Goto Selection Start' and 'Selection > Goto Selection End' for jumping to the beginning or the end of a selection from the right-click menu.
    • Synchronized scrolling now only works between all hex files or all text files.
    • Faster Undo/Redo for operations which contain a large number of small operations.
    • Renamed 'Toggle Word Wrap' action to 'Word Wrap'.
    • Renamed configuration file to '010Editor50.cfg'.
    • Removed 3-computer limit in the End-User License Agreement.
  • Import/Export
    • Added Import/Export option for the Binary Text format (e.g. 10100010 11110000).
    • Added Copy As Binary Text and Paste From Binary Text to the Edit menu.
    • 'Copy as <format>' now uses the displayed number of bytes per line (it was using the number of bytes from the last export).
  • Options
    • Can disable the auto-import of Intel Hex or Motorola files when dragging and dropping from the system File Manager (see the Importing page).
    • Added option to disable the Backspace/Delete key in Overwrite mode for hex files (see the Hex Editor page).
    • Can control the color of the Show Whitespace characters on the Colors page.
  • Bugs
    • Fixed bug with Save Selection on a newly created file.
    • Fixed crash with -compare command line option when the file names were the same.
    • Fixed issue with updating the Recent Files list when scripts or templates were opened.
    • Deleting a file from the Workspace Recent Files list did not update the Startup Page Recent Files list.
    • Fixed up Insert Date/Insert Color on big endian unicode files.
    • Fixed up 'Move to New Vertical Tab Group' missing after a Compare.
    • Fixed warning dialog for optimized structs cannot be dismissed on Mac.
    • Fixed crash when an improper argument was passed to a function inside a script in certain cases.
    • Fixed error message in the Windows installer about Regsvr32.
    • Possible to delete part of a DOS linefeed in certain cases.

For a full list of changes in other versions of 010 Editor, please see the Release Notes.

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